Our Founder

Agri Research is his Passion

Dr. rajesh Sharma

Dr. Sharma is an experienced professor with a demonstrated history of working in the educational management industry. He is a strong educational professional with a PhD focused in agricultural economics.

He has the vision to pass on his precious collateral- years of knowledge and wisdom to the right hands and redirect research projects. There are a lot of research papers on diverse topics and a few on ‘How to research’. The aim to come up with V-Search is to make it easier for the ones struggling to step into the world of research. Although he sees no limit to the category of people he can help but a few to be mentioned are, students who need help with their research projects (PhD and likewise), organizations looking for quality research in agriculture, industries that need a new vision for addressing potential areas, and a lot more.

Our agricultural expertise will handhold your curiosity to give it direction. We promise to be the rocket to the satellite of your research.